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Are we getting dumber thanks to smart systems?

Through the usage of sensors and artificial intelligence to some extent, life is made easier for us. Take for example our cars. Almost every modern car is equipped with either parking sensors that guide you or even automatic parking where the driver doesn’t have to intervene. This is very convenient and makes modern cars less prone to accidental crashes.

But is this a good evolution? The more our tools can do themselves, the less we know and the less skills we have. I’m not talking about machines overtaking humankind as in terminator, I don’t think it will come that far, but as Nicholas Carr wrote in his article “Is google making us stupid?” we are getting too lazy and start to rely too much on technology.
There have been cases (example) where plane crashes were caused because pilots didn’t know how to react when the autopilot stopped working.

Those situations are of course exceptions, but I’m afraid we already started trusting machines and sensors more than our own brain. Is putting our trust in machines a positive next step in our evolution or an attack on our common sense and our capacity to think?